Welcome ZyFans !

What’s up with with that “Zy” prefix,  a few months ago I brougt in an access point home with a impressing blue soft glooming light and “ZyAir” printed on it, my wife got confused and the question got fired as usual “Was that a gift from the Airline you flew with on your way back home yesterday” ? I just looked at the access point again and said, well my dear that’s not from a present from an Airline but a ZyXEL device that is going to out new wireless access point to provide wireless coverage.

So, you are probably thinking, who am I, a ZyGeek ? I guess working for ZyXEL that kinda makes me one 😉 No, I am not any ZyWall, ZyNOS, ZyAIR, ZySwitch, ZyRouter, ZyNASBox or ZyAnything, lets just say I am just a normal geek who makes his living by Networking. The good thing is that I have some great and exciting experiences, which I would like to share with you guys benefit and get the most out of your ZyXEL devices and save the time and money by NOT melting down on to ZyHelpdesk phone lines 🙂

Okay, so stay tuned, I promise to give you the best of my ZyKnowledge 😉

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